Chic Moda Shopping China
Time Schedule
7 days 9am-9pm
 A Massive DISCOUNT shop, with two floors.
Unbeatable prices! Get Everything here!
Men & ladies up to date fashion from jeans to beach wear to evening clothes,
adorable children’s outfits, shoes, suitcases, sunglasses, small gifts, household items,
watches, accessories etc. bricolage, tools, flowers, car accessories.
Absolutely everything! Fabulous prices.
THIS IS THE CHEAP SHOP! Small bar to have a drink.
7 days 9am-9pm. In retail park next door to Seaside Shop.


EN125, Sítio do Rogelo, Fracção L - Alcantarilha
City / Postal-code
8365, Armação de Pêra
282 314 312


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